Sobre Marcos Tachikawa: Fotógrafo de Casamento em Campinas e São Paulo | Destination Wedding

Marcos Tachikawa

Life Stories & Smiles :)

People. I love people, simple as that!I chose to work with something that brings value to people and, this is what I truly believe, your personality is what makes you so important: the way you deal with emotions, the way you "connect the dots", the way you build your values, the way you value other people. You, the way you are.Nobody lives alone, we have to relate to others in this dynamic thing called relationship and this is what I like to photograph: Relationships!I am focused on family photography and everything related to it: weddings and the days that comes after that. The relation between you and the people that surrounds you, the ones you love.It will be a huge honor to be able to register moments of your life. I am willing to produce images that will bring that inexplicable feeling when you experience those emotions again when you take that pictures in your hands. And when you do it, when you least expect it, if you see yourself smiling, my job will be complete.I believe in photography as the best investment to smile in the future! I wish you all the best! And, always, Thank You very much :)Marcos